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Speed Test: Measure Your Connection to COIN.HOST Servers

Speed Test: Measure Your Connection to COIN.HOST Servers

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Speed Test Widget, a tool designed to provide you, our valued clients, with real-time data on the network speed between your devices and our server located in Zurich, Switzerland. This widget measures download and upload speeds, jitter, and ping, offering a comprehensive picture of the connection quality between your desktop, laptop or mobile device and COIN.HOST's network, which is particularly useful for our VPN customers. Here's what parameters are measured:

  • Download Speed: Tells you how fast data can be downloaded from our server to your device, crucial for tasks like file downloads, video streaming, and website loading.

  • Upload Speed: Indicates how quickly data can be sent from your device to our server, important for activities such as file uploading, video conferencing, or online gaming.

  • Jitter: Measures the variability in latency, helping you understand the stability of your connection. Lower jitter values mean a more stable connection, which is critical for real-time applications like VoIP calls and online gaming.

  • Ping: This is the latency or delay in milliseconds between sending a request from your device and receiving a response from our server. Lower ping values are better for almost all types of online interactions, especially where real-time communication is essential.

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