The mission, core principles, values and dedicated people that constitute our team. Proudly served from Switzerland with privacy in mind.

Established in 2011

Our team has been proudly providing secure web hosting platforms to businesses and individuals from all around the globe over the course of 12 years.

Over 25,000 Clients

Since company's establishment in 2011 more than twenty five thousand clients have put their trust in various web hosting products and platforms developed by our team.

100+ Hosting Solutions

We offer over one hundred web hosting solutions for any task and budget, ranging from CMS hosting and VPS to high performance dedicated and cloud clusters.

The Team Behind

All products and services available at COIN.HOST (formerly coinshost.com) are exclusively provided by Solar Communications GmbH — a RIPE NCC member since 2011 and a rapidly growing web hosting business located in Zurich, Switzerland. Unlike larger corporations, Solar Communications GmbH is privately owned and offers advantage of excellent service that is convenient, flexible and truly tailored to the needs of each individual client.

Our Mission

Security, privacy, excellence and responsibility are the cornerstones of our company's philosophy. We are deeply convinced that every our client has the fundamental and unbreachable right of privacy that we must protect at political, infrastructural and physical levels. We see our mission and responsibility in providing efficient, privacy-focused and by all means excellent web hosting services to the crypto and blockchain communities.

Full redundancy

Full Redundancy

Uninterrupted power supply, multi-homed networking and fault tolerant hardware. When it comes to high availability, redundancy really matters.

Security camera

Seven-Layer Security

24/7 video surveillance, security patrols, access barriers with biometric readers and mantrap portals protect server rooms from unauthorized access.

Zero carbon footprint

Zero Carbon Footprint

Our data processing facility in Zurich uses energy originating from renewable sources only and has exceptional Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratio.

Financial services ready

Financial Services Ready

Our data center provides proximity hosting services for financial institutions, featuring direct and efficient connection to key liquidity sites and exchanges.

DDos Protection

DDoS Protection

We operate a high capacity DDoS protected network capable of safely mitigating against virtually every attack registered to the date, including the most massive ones.

Certification and compliance

Certification & Compliance

Our data center operates in accordance with the ITILv3 framework, ISO 27001 and ISO 22301. Compliance with the FINMA circular 07/8 is audited externally.

BPrivacy protection

Privacy Protection

Switzerland is renowned for its strict privacy-protecting laws. There's hardly any other country in the world with a matching grade of data protection at state level.

Swiss IX

Swiss Internet Exchange

Our data center offers direct connection to SwissIX Internet exchange point for lower latency, improved routing efficiency and network fault tolerance.

Live support

24/7 Live Support

Live multilingual support desk is ready to answer all of the questions that you may have and provide assistance with your orders 24/7.


These are the major events and achievements that shape our company's path since it's estabishment in 2011.

Sep 2023

New feature launched: Now you can gauge your connection speed to our servers and make smarter choices with real-time data.

Jul 2023

Shadowsocks protocol: COIN.HOST has expanded VPN protocol options by integrating Shadowsocks into our high privacy VPN servers

Jun 2023

New feature launched: clients can now rate and review all products and services provided by COIN.HOST

Oct 2022

New product launched: private crypto VPN servers with dedicated IP address and resources, powered by OpenVPN and WireGuard® protocols

Sep 2022

A total of 65 different dedicated server configurations are now available to order

Aug 2022

New product launched: CMS hosting running on a non-shared virtual server with dedicated IP, powered by WordPress, Drupal and Joomla content management systems

Jan 2022

A warm welcome to our 25'000 client

Dec 2021

New product launched: S3-compatible Object Storage that can be used for a wide range of purposes, including storing files, media and backups

Jul 2021

A new Epic server configuration with 2x AMD EPYC 7742 CPUs and a whopping 1TB of RAM added to stock, a total of 57 different dedicated server configurations are now available to order

Jun 2021

A new, beautiful, intuitive and easy to navigate member account user interface goes live

May 2020

A total of 43 different dedicated server configurations are now available to order

Feb 2020

We've migrated to the new domain name COIN.HOST and completely redesigned our website in accordance with the latest industry standards

Jan 2020

A warm welcome to our 20'000 client

Jun 2019

A total of 35 different dedicated server configurations are now available to order

Jan 2017

VPS and Cloud nodes' data moved from SAN storage to the lightning fast encrypted and resilient SSD storage by SolidFire®

Nov 2016

A major upgrade to the member account user interface packed with advanced features, improved usability and beautiful layout

Jul 2016

Capacity of DDoS protection filter increased to 400 Gbps to efficiently mitigate against some of the most massive attacks registered to date

Jun 2016

A warm welcome to our 10'000 client

Apr 2016

A total of 29 different dedicated server configurations are now available to order

Jan 2016

VPS nodes nodes migrated from OnApp® and Xen hypervisors to enterprise-class VMware® hypervisors

Dec 2015

We moved all our hardware to an ultra secure, carbon neutral and multihomed Interxion™ data storage & processing facility in Zurich, Switzerland

Dec 2014

New product launched: CDN that can deliver content up to four times faster than a single server

Oct 2013

A warm welcome to our 5'000 client

Jan 2013

New product launched: VPS - a cost-efficient web hosting platform for non-demanding tasks

Mar 2012

New product launched: high availability Cloud hosting with self-healing architecture

Mar 2011

First customers put their trust in dedicated server hosting plans offered by our company


Our company exclusively resides in Zurich, Switzerland. These are locations of our headquarters and data center on the map.

Company Address

Mürtschenstrasse 30
CH-8048 Zürich

Data Center Address

Sägereistrasse 35
CH-8152 Glattbrugg