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How to Start Accepting Bitcoin Payments for Your Online or Offline Business

How to Start Accepting Bitcoin Payments for Your Online or Offline Business

Bitcoin, as we know it has taken the world by storm and has a market cap of over $5 Billion spread over around 13 million Bitcoins. Few countries even have their own rules and regulations and countries like Russia are planning to stop the use of Bitcoins. But, they don’t realize that Bitcoin is a revolutionary new technology which has the potential to facilitate amazing things which can make the world a better place to live. What’s stopping this from happening is the lack of global awareness about Bitcoin, not many people know what is Bitcoin or how to use it. The need of the hour is to help people and more importantly merchants, understand Bitcoin and help them accepting Bitcoin. This should not be done in just a handful of countries but it should be done on a larger scale, all over the world.

The easiest way to accept Bitcoin payments is through QR codes, which is widely used. Now that Apple has opened the gates for Bitcoin related apps, the app is back on the app store and it works like a breeze. Android has its own variety of Bitcoin wallet apps. Here, we throw some light on the latest and most advanced payment processing solutions for Bitcoin accepting merchants and hopefully, after reading this blog post, you can start accepting Bitcoin payments.

Coinbase is one of the most popular and widely used payment processing solutions for merchants and at the same time it is one of the most popular wallets available. They store over 97% of their funds offline and have received a lot of investments. It has an android app but doesn’t have options to add a bank account for non- US customers. It helps you create payment buttons for you to accept payments on your website and it is also compatible with popular CMS (content management services) such as wordpress.

Blockchain Merchant
Blockchain have also joined the bandwagon by launching their own merchant app, through which you can accept Bitcoin payments at 0% fees, which is just amazing considering the fact that a majority of the services charge a small percentage of money for processing the transaction through their service.

BitPay is one of the most popular payment processing services around. It has its own API for making integrations into other systems and it has various packages for merchants and it is by far one of the most user-friendly and advanced services around. Recently, they started hosting a page which is dedicated to the American Red Cross for accepting donations and they charge 0% fees for the non-profit organization. This speaks volumes about their mindset and endeavours.

BitXATM is a germany based company which has its own ATM which also helps merchants accept payments through crypto currencies. It costs around $4000 and has a neat and tidy 17 inch touchscreen and it has has been enabled to accept any fiat currency, which is just amazing. According to their official website, the ATM can accept and pay in any currency. Though it is a little too pricey, it is worth giving this a shot considering the fact that it has a whole new set of features.

XBTerminal has created an amazing bitcoin point of sale device which gives merchants the ability to accept Bitcoin payments from any Bitcoin wallet, through QR codes and interestingly, even NFC’s . The payment can be converted to fiat currency immediately, to avoid loss of money as the Bitcoin price is very unstable.

CoinKite is a company with a different approach towards bitcoin point of sale systems. They have a credit card which is provided by them and surprisingly, it is bitcoin based, and the terminal looks exactly like the one which is used for debit and credit cards nowadays, it also has the ability to print a QR code to which a customer sends the payments.

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