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Has the creator of Bitcoin been unmasked?

Has the creator of Bitcoin been unmasked?

Satoshi Nakamoto, also known as the creator of Bitcoin is one of the most prominent figures on the Bitcoin market, but also the most mysterious, mostly due to the fact that no one knows who he really is.

Since Bitcoin became mainstream, the search for Nakamoto’s identity has lasted years, with hundreds of different theories being considered. During this time, even people not involved with cryptocurrencies at all have tried to solve the mystery and find out who this man really is. What we know at this moment in time, is that someone who had been using the name Satoshi Nakamoto has released the Bitcoin software back in 2009 and has communicated with different people via mail, but never in person, or by phone. A few years later, in 2011, just as the technology began catching momentum, the man mysteriously disappeared, as all emails had stopped.

During these years, a countless number of articles, reports and books were written, most of which pointed the finger at certain persons and stating that they were the creators of the cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, most of these were proven wrong, as no one yet knows who this man really is.

However, new evidence may shine some light onto this issue. The latest reports indicate that the person, who has always been suspected of being the creator of Bitcoin, may actually have been the one who crafted the original Bitcoin technology. The New York Times has recently published a piece that features material from a soon-to-be-released-book, which aims to unmask who this man really is.

The man is known by the name of Nick Szabo, and described as a large bearded man. For years, people from all around the world have suspected him of being involved with the Bitcoin project in a way or another, mostly due to the fact that the man was also behind another digital currency, known by the name of Bit Gold, which worked with the same principles as Bitcoin, but never ended up being successful.

The report posted goes deeper and mentions a couple of facts including the idea that Szabo joined a bitcoin-based company named Vaurum which worked as a potential bitcoin exchange. Together with this, he was also a member of a couple of online communities that aimed to create digital money, which could then be used as anonymous physical cash, all of which are related to the digital currency trends that are popular at this moment in time. Another important piece of evidence is that his way of writing about Bit Gold is extremely similar to the way that the Bitcoin creator wrote about the currency, which points towards the idea that these are actually the same two people.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, do you think that Nick Szabo really is the creator of Bitcoin? Keep in mind the fact that all of this is just speculation, as the only way to prove it, would be for the creators to step up and show some form of evidence, such as an early version of the Bitcoin technology. With this in mind, the man’s identity still remains an enigma until further studies will be carried out.  

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