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Four Reasons Why You Should Invest in Bitcoin Right Now

Four Reasons Why You Should Invest in Bitcoin Right Now

During the last couple of months, bitcoin has managed to become a more viable investment option, with people from all around the world referring to it as digital gold, due to its increasing value and popularity.

Regardless of this, some investors are still wary about the idea of investing in the digital currency, due to the controversies surrounding it and its price volatility. Well, to kick things off, it is important to mention the fact that during the last five years, bitcoin's value has increased with around 25,000%, which means that if you would have bought the digital currency in the past, you may have been able to earn 250 times more than your initial investment today.

Bitcoin Investment

In this article, we will outline four of the main aspects that investors should know about bitcoin, prior to making an investment.

1. A considerably larger number of people are using bitcoin on a daily basis

Recent research has shown that while bitcoin has little utility in the last couple of years, and that while in back in 2012, the digital currency was averaging around 200 transactions per day, at this moment in time, over 300,000 transactions are carried out on a daily basis. With this in mind, bitcoin no longer represents a theoretical form of money, but rather a practical digital currency that people can use as they like.

2. The number of vendors accepting the digital currency as a method of payment is skyrocketing.

The growing acceptance of the digital currency by massive vendors is another reason why bitcoin will continue to grow. Every day, more and more product vendors are announcing their intention to begin accepting bitcoin as a method of payment in the future. Today, some of the biggest vendors which accept it include Overstock, Microsoft, TigerDirect, Tesla, PayPal, Dell, Subway, and more.

3. The volatility trend is no longer an issue

Most investors are terrified by the idea of price volatility that bitcoin is associated with. A negative price modification can greatly affect investment outcomes. Yet, bitcoin is becoming more and more stable, as it is now set on a path of growing in value. This is especially important for the digital currency, as it is slowly becoming more of an asset, but also a usable currency. While Bitcoin is still years away from being fully stable in terms of volatility, it is reaching a good value change trend, more favorable to investors who do not wish to risk losing money.

4. Bitcoin represents a great hedge against economic uncertainty around the world

While gold has often been considered the safe haven for financial trouble, bitcoin is slowly climbing up the ladder. In fact, there are numerous studies meant to show that bitcoin value tends to increase whenever a country faces an economic crisis. This happened in 2013, when the Cyprus economy tanked, but also in 2015, when the Chinese Yuan decreased in value.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, these 4 aspects should convince just about any investor that bitcoin is a lot safer now, and that it may just become the future of finance.  

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